Words Girls & Games - Vol 1 - Digital EP

Recording began in January 2016 in a studio just south of Baltimore, MD. An epic winter storm interrupted the initial sessions and ultimately prolonged the completion process until nearly a year later. But as the pieces gradually came together, like whiskey in a barrel, these tracks had the chance to age.

“Words Girls & Games - Vol 1” features 5 original tracks heavy on twang and grit.



Eastern Electric Co. - "Working Title" - Dynamite follow up to 2010's "Whiskey Tonight"

"Working Title" began in the Fall of 2011 and was the second project teaming the boys with Frank Marchand, III and Randy LeRoy of Airshow Mastering in Takoma Park, MD.  After their first time around, recording "Whiskey Tonight" (released May of 2011), they couldn't wait to work together again.  Initially “Working Title” was conceived as a "bluegrass with drums" EP to showcase another side of the band's versatility.  Guest work from banjo-badass, Robert Mabe, supremely elevated each track.  Relatively soon after initial sessions,  the Electric Co. went back into the studio to record another EP of electric material.  This time bringing blues-harp extraordinaire, "Big" Mike Noyes, to sit in.  Adding vocals from the very sweet Ms. Nancy Micciulla and high-lonesome fiddle from Merl Johnson, what they were left with was an honest and tasteful mix of Rock, Country, and Americana tracks.  The decision was made to release a full album.  “Working Title” was the literally the working title throughout, and in the end it stuck.

"Whiskey Tonight" - CD - The Magnificent Debut Release

Plug Logo T - No Longer Available

Tattooed vixen not included.

Life Ain't a Game - OFFICIAL VIDEO



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