Eastern Electric

Eastern Electric is a Roots/Americana band based in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic on Maryland’s Eastern Shore… rock and blues with a lot of twang. Members Nate Clendenen (Saltwater Stringband), Sonny Martin (G-13), Charlie Greenhalgh (the Larks), Joe Esham, and Kyle Coffey take a solid approach. Combining pedal steel guitar, piano and organ with a gritty, layered rhythm section, their sound is both classic and progressive - showing heavy influences from folks such as Dylan, Marley, Garcia, Allman, Cash, Springsteen and other pillars of the roots rock landscape.

With a new recording project in the works and another summer schedule right around the corner, 2016 is looking good for the boys in EE!!! Come hang out.


Nate Clendenen (Saltwater Stringband, Electric Co.) - guitar, vocals
Kyle Coffey (Electric Co.) - piano, organ
Joe Esham - pedal steel, vocals
Charlie Greenhalgh (the Larks) - bass
Sonny Martin (G-13, Electric Co.) - drums, percussion

“American Roots music uncompromisingly forged by the ocean, wind, and sun.”

“Music that sounds like a rock, country, blues freight train rolling down the beach.”

Life Ain't a Game - OFFICIAL VIDEO



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